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Our facility is a gorgeous private residence transformed into an environment for the cultivation of wellbeing, vitality and elevated states. We are fully equipped with hydrotherapy, cold pool, hot pool, sauna, movement space, massage room, meditation hall, and a tea lounge.

Our ice cold pool is a beautiful space for cold exposure practice. Cold therapy is used to eliminate inflammation, reset the nervous system and supercharge the immune system. Come take a dip!

Our hybrid sauna is nested under a beautiful avocado tree and is overlooking the gardens. Sauna is used for contrast therapy, detoxification and the cultivation of heat shock proteins.

The perfect space for breathing, meditation and journaling. We recommend practicing solar and lunar breathwork before contrast therapy (ice bath, sauna, hot tub).

Our movement space is still in the process of getting its makeover but that doesn’t stop us from training capoeira, yoga, and general movement there. Feel free to use our movement space during your visits.

Book a treatment with one of our amazing massage therapists. We offer lymphatic drainage, relaxing massage, athletic massage and deep tissue.

Rest and relax in our indoor/outdoor tea lounge. Choose from an assortment of tea or hydrate with fresh, mineralized water.

Learn the 8 steps to cultivate meditative stillness based on ancient teachings and modern science. The practice of meditation is used to develop insight, inner bliss, a focused mind and psychological well-being. 

Our prehistoric human ancestors lived close to the elements of nature. Heat and cold are stressors that forced our ancient physiologies to adapt and thrive in difficult conditions. Heat and cold exposure therapy practices like ice baths and sauna are scientifically proven to supercharge physical and mental health.


Welcome to Human Aeon

Our goal is to share the basic elements for the cultivation of wellbeing, physical + mental health, and elevated consciousness. This mainly consists of our Five Element practice: breathwork, meditation, movement, cold + heat exposure and consciousness training.

Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 7am - 10am & 2pm - 7pm
Wednesday 7am - 10am & 2pm - 7pm
Thursday 7am - 10am & 2pm - 7pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 3pm - 7pm
Sunday Closed